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About us

As a proud father of 5, I’m always looking for ways to keep my family safe and prepared. Years back I had the scare of a life time with one of my daughters never made it home after school. The fear was overwhelming and it made it hard to get all the information I needed to start a missing childs report. All said and done the process took almost 2 hours before police had everything they needed to put out an amber alert. I feared time was against me and that it was running out. I knew every minute that went by lessened the chance of us ever finding her. That was the first time in my life I ever had a panic attack. 

Thinking back I wish I had an ID with all of her information on it, the process would have taken minutes rather than hours. We were one of the lucky ones. After hours we were able to locate her safely. I was relived that my daughter was safe but also full of anger that someone would take her without letting me know she was safe. I know I am not alone in this. 

Everyday children disappear with people they know without the parent knowledge. I’ve come to the realization of how unprepared I was for such a horrible situation and started brainstorming ways to be prepared in the future. KIDS SAFE ID was born. A safe yet efficient way to have all your child’s information at the palm of your hands. KIDS SAFE ID is a full color double-sided customizable ID with a updated picture of your child, identifying information on front and back about what makes your child unique. (health information, pediatrician,allergies, diseases, special needs ,or a personal messages). 

Recently I had to use my KIDs Safe ID when my younger daughter who has autism, wondered off at a park. I was able to show other parents and kids at the park a picture of my daughter and was quickly pointed in the right direction where she was hiding. I hope no parent ever has to go through the experience of their child going missing but I hope we’re able to aid just incase the unthinkable happens with KIDS SAFE ID. Please be sure to LIKE & SHARE this child saving tool with friends and family you care about. Be ready be safe with KIDS SAFE ID. Thank you.