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Hello, and welcome to KIDs Safe ID.

We are a nationwide company proudly serving families across all 50 states.

Our mission is to help parents be prepared and keep their children safe.  At KIDs Safe ID we understand the importance of time. Life is always busy, children have school, sports, and clubs. While parents have work and a never-ending list of worries and to do’s. The last thing we ever expect is the worry of a child going missing.

We see it in the news, we get the alerts on our phones. Child abductions, disappearances, and Amber alerts. Each day over 2,000 children are reported missing in the United States. As parents and creators of KIDs Safe ID we have put a lot of time and thought into what’s needed to bring a child home safe. It is strongly recommended by law-enforcement and child advocacy groups to always have updated information on all children. When the unexpected happens, time is of the essence and every minute counts. Let us help you be prepared with KIDs Safe ID.

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"Why a KIDs Safe ID"

Last year in 2019, over 421,000 children were reported missing in the United States. In a serious situation like a missing child every second counts to bring a child home safely. Law-enforcement highly recommends that parents and guardians carry all their children’s vital information on them at all times and for it to be accessible immediately in the event that its needed. Critical time can be lost while a parent is frantically searching for a child and trying to recall their child’s information accurately to start a missing child’s report. KIDs Safe ID quickly and safely provides all key information to Law Enforcement within minutes thus saving valuable time.

Here at KIDs Safe ID we understand that every child is unique and so are our IDs! Every ID is completely customizable to your child’s physical, mental and/or medical needs. Our double sided KIDs Safe ID’s are durable with state of the art HD printing on a conveniently sized ID that you can be carried anywhere.

KIDs Safe ID works great as a gift for family and friends. A perfect gift that keeps on giving when it’s needed most. Plus kids love the way they look and carrying them themselves. Keeping them cool while keeping them safe! That is why we send an additional copy with every ID order to share with your child or other trusted adult. Plus a free child finger print card with Ink strip for your safe keeping.

“How to order”

First select your state then simply fill in the questions with the most updated information of your child. Upload a recent photo, select a payment method then submit. We will send a email confirming your purchase and a digital copy of your KIDs Safe ID. We print then ship your customized KID Safe ID and include a copy of your ID as well as a fingerprint card with a ink strip for your safekeeping as our free gift to you.

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